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    Shoei is one of the most recognised helmet brands in motorcycle racing, let alone the motorcycle helmet market place. Undeniably amongst some of the finest helmets available, Shoei has been building it’s reputation for excellence for over half a century.

    Stylish and  innovative, offering high levels of comfort and safety Shoei provide the motorcyclist who is a rider of classic and retro inspired bikes, 3 helmet styles that are sure to tick all the boxes. All designed in a Neo-classic style, the Glamster, J.O. and Ex-Zero helmets feature construction techniques and design features that are simply unavailable on other helmets.

    Manufactured entirely in Japan, as they have been since 1958, every helmet is designed with ‘Spirit, Ambition and Attention to Detail’. The first company to introduce a carbon fibre helmet, the first company to introduced dual liner ventilation and the first company to use kevlar - it’s no wonder Shoei are the first choices for all our customers when trying helmets on for size.

    46 products

    46 products