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Would you ride a motorcycle without wearing a motorcycle jacket? Well no. That decision made, which criteria do you apply to make a choice? As bikers, we all know in our head that safety comes first. And so it should. But our hearts cry out for style. We spend a fortune on the right machine and then spend again on personalising it to fit that classic bike, cruiser motorcycle or urban rider, street brat groove. So, quite clearly, we need a motorcycle jacket to match the motorcycle, as well as meet the imperitive for protection against the road, road users and weather.

Us bikers at Foxxmoto choose our range based on one criteria. Would we and will we wear it? This one criteria is of course made up of all of the above. Being all year round motorcycle riders we have to think of the season so opt for waxed cotton motorcycle jackets in the winter and leather in the summer. All with protective armour and materials which have to be CE approved and weather protection from leading brands such as Reissa, Kevlar, Covec and D3O.

43 products

43 products