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There's no doubting the practicality and style of the traditional hoody. It's so tempting to throw one on for a quick summer ride. Looks good on the bike and in the pub. But, as we all know, there's a risk to motorcycling. Everyday clothing does not offer any protection against impact or abrasion from tnhe road or other road users. In step motorcycle hoodies for both men or women motorcyclists. On the outside a motorcycle hoody is indistinguishable form the every day hoody. It's on the inside where it really offers the protection the motorcyclist needs.

A motorcycle hoody must have impact absorption in the form of CE approved shoulder, elbow and back armour. This should be backed up by abrasion resistant material such as Kevlar®or Covec®. Extra stitching and reinforced panels for tear resistance add to the performance of the motorcycle hoody in the event of an 'off'.

Then there's the tailoring. No point having a great looking urban bike and wearing a baggy uninspiring top.  Get a quality made, safety approved motorcycle hoody.

3 products

3 products