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    We like Merlin & Route One because… Merlin is a British business with 100% employee ownership. They are dedicated to bringing the best motorcycle gear to you the rider and your pillion. From design to delivery every Merlin partner wants and aims for the best. The Merlin Partnership houses two brands, Merlin and Route One. The Merlin brands focus on three market sectors; Heritage for the classic, vintage and retro motorcycle rider, Leisure Moto for the urban / street motorcycle rider & Technical for the tourer / adventure motorcycle rider.

    All products are designed inhouse using market leading technology and established respected brands from Outlast®, DuPont™ Kevlar®, Cotec, Reissa, Huntsman, Halley Stevensons, Marton Mills and YKK. More and more of the Merlin Bike Gear range comes with CE 2 approval.

    Since inception Merlin has punched above it weight, taking on the established brands with equally good looks, functionality and protection at a much more affordable price. Don’t be mistaken, they’re not cheap copies, Merlin Bike Gear does not cut corners they just don’t ask for you and us to pay for expensive celebrity brand endorsements or marketing campaigns.

    7 products

    7 products