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    We like Oily Rag because… Oily Rag Clothing is a British company of petrol heads that love the feel, ride, look and smell of old motorcycles. British bikes are their first love but if it’s old and has an engine with oil in it then they still hold it in high esteem. Oily Rag never stands still when it comes to logos, designs and materials with one eye firmly on past petrol head / Americana icons and the other on future variations on the petrobila theme.

    In the words of Oily Rag; our products are designed for the real motorcycle enthusiast to wear while enjoying the passion of riding or for casual wearing down the pub. There’s a comprehensive and attractive selection of designs in both the Heritage and Black Label range of T-shirts as well as many polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, belts and headgear.

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